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■ Workshop of artist

Atelier de peinture Céline Roger situer à Sherbrooke en Estrie. Cours de peinture pour adultes ou enfants.


Céline Roger was born in Montreal in 1970 and raised in Sainte-Julie-de-Vercheres. She always had an interest in art. She remembers also his first drawings at the age of three years, from his first drawings and his art class at school. She was sensitive to art early in his childhood, including his grandparents, mother’s side, who collected paintings. She spent countless hours admiring their work. The theater, ballet, music, painting, sculpture, etc. form his youth. His father also introduced him to visiting museums. Paternal, several family members paint. His great grandfather is Urban Carli, sculptor statuary. Petrie Family stories his father tells him she knows from the age of seven years it will one day become a Quebecer painter. In 1998, during a visit to her parents in Matane, his father taught him the basics of painting, and this is how the adventure began for her.


“The beauty of the heart transpires beyond appearances” – Céline Roger

Since Céline Roger lives in Sherbrooke, his workspace is divided into two sections: the workshop is about 25 x 15 feet and made his art gallery 12 x 24 feet. The first space is the natural extension of the other. This place of creation, entirely dedicated to art, is sufficient for its current needs. Atelier de peinture Céline Roger situer à Sherbrooke en Estrie. Cours de peinture pour adultes ou enfants.The artist admits that light influences his choice of colors. “The atmosphere is very important to me. I always paint with music when I’m inside. ” Celine Roger, who also painted on the ground, likes to be in the open air, especially in the Charlevoix region, where natural light floods his other work environment. “The energy of the place, the energy of the moment, are for me an inspiration much as the colors.” The pleinairisme therefore brings a special light in his works, while in studio, light is clearly different. Although it has a lot of light to feel comfortable in her studio, she loves exploring subdued atmosphere on the occasion: “It gets me out of my comfort zone and dare to …”. His preference remains the natural light that can not be imitated: “Paint the pattern changes everything. I dare so much since I paint on the outside! “This particular light led her to understand the game of shadows and lights. “When I paint on the outside, my works are brighter, more vivid! “The large space allows him to step back and ask a different look at his works, but the studio left his refuge. Both place of creation and sharing, the artist likes the solitude of his cave when it begins a work. Concentration is required. “I need to inspire me in the mood and emotion of the moment. I need quiet. When the first building stage is over, it’s something completely different. ” At first, his head ideas bubbling and calm is necessary to think, ask his ideas and compose his picture. When decisions are made to the sound of music, she lays the colors gaily; it is the hour of recreation. The passion takes over and Céline Roger danced his brush to the canvas with gusto.

 “I draw the positive energies of those moments. I draw the energy of the moment and I’m out all the vibrations. ” – Céline Roger

The creative process first starts with moving ideas that move in all directions, interact, overlap with each other. Finally, they settle down and materialize on canvas. Thus, the artist first painted the work in his head before physically take the brushes to translate what must always occur in practice. She contemplates his ideas, recreates, observe them, appreciate them, deconstructs them to better translate. This “preparatory” process is endless. During the cold season, it can paint 6 to 10 hours a day in his studio. Although it does not calculate the hours of pleasure, she spends a lot of time to think and ask the colors according to his thoughts. The summer she resource: “I simmers my future projects! “Winter and spring are undeniably his most productive periods. The one who wears an apron even painted outdoors when starts his day with a good coffee. She chooses her music, her apron, chooses her canvas, she prepares his palette … a ceremony accompanied by a solitary tranquility she appreciates. “Each season stimulates me differently, every season is a new adventure! “

Written HeleneCaroline Fournier, Expert in art and art theorist