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■ Critical on the artist

Painting Céline Roger has in it a large amount of light directly related to plein air. It not only painted a specific place, but an atmosphere in which light and shadow interact harmoniously together. The pictorial rendering of the selected scene is a view of the mind. Indeed, with the filter of his artist’s eye, Céline Roger sublime place and emphasized that little detail on canvas that will give poetry to the landscape. His lonely landscapes tell their own story, away from the bustle of the hectic city life. The population is absent from his works and strengthens the feeling of timelessness and only daylight shows the current time, only the colors indicate the passing seasons. Nature is everywhere and it is the only presence that counts. The artist is clearly in line with what it depicts; in harmony with these great open spaces in which it draws its strength.

October 2017

HeleneCaroline Fournier,

expert in art and art theorist