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■ Artistic Approach

 peinture en plein air, Port-aux-persilsQuebecer artist painter Céline Roger.

The artist Céline Roger works mainly in oil but also in ink and charcoal. For her, each piece has a reason to be there; This is the philosophy behind besides his work. “Usually, the subject must talk to me (…) by an experience, a memory or just a heart stroke“. It is important that the work complies with the rules of art, technique and “color balance“As she puts it. A good balance between spontaneous creativity and technical precision is required. “My goal is that, despite the time and years, my paintings, no matter modes, pass through time and are always much appreciated“. It therefore prefers to paint timeless scenes.

What inspires these are the first colors. The subject comes second. It chooses its composition according to the media size. “Then I compose, I deformed, I invent my table as my creativity“. Its particular technique, which comprises using ink and oil in several successive layers of glazes, comes Renaissance masters.

Initially, there is the design, composition, then decides the choice of atmosphere. From this precision add shadows and light. She draws in ink and acrylic, sometimes with charcoal, then it progresses to the wash in burnt sienna. It adds color to the rhythm of music that has been in his working environment. This rate will be passed down to his works.

«I’m not trying to perfectly reproduce a place. Some elements are important. The atmosphere, the choice of colors, etc., will ensure recognize the place at first sight».

For Céline Roger, a table should be a heart stroke, it must be chosen for the emotion felt that emerges. “If my paintings are feeling an emotion, I consider my mission is accomplished».

The artist does not count the hours, but can easily spend twelve hours a day painting. “Each work takes time, each work deserves time“. This is what has taught him his mentor, André van Melle. The Sherbrooke artist is always looking to improve. She works in respect of learning and discoveries of his predecessors. “I think we would all do well to learn the techniques used by our great masters. We would be more able to appreciate the work of our contemporary artists».

Céline Roger likes to work on large formats. “I’m feeling good (…). I like to step back and work up. Painting is a bit like a dance; we advance, we go back a few touches here and there. Large formats allow me to express myself freely“. His sources of inspiration are the colors, the Quebec heritage, nature; in fact, the whole piece! She constantly deepened his subjects to master the nuances and subtleties. The outdoor Quebecer artist and paints in his studio in Sherbrooke which is open by appointment.

Written by artistic approach HeleneCaroline Fournier, expert in art and art theorist.