■ Céline Roger’s Art Gallery – Oil-based

An artist full of paradoxes …In Céline Roger’s paintings, the subjects are represented in a theatrical fashion, with spontaneous movement. Their vibrant colours and soft at the same time together create an explosion of energy. She does not restrict herself to reality; she arranges, distorts and conceives her paintings based on her observations, inspirations and emotions in order to get a realistic impression of the atmosphere at this very moment. The spectator is drawn by her quest for movement, her light and shade style and her passion for nature. As an expressionist artist, she paints the sensitivity of things in the surroundings in a subjective way. Recipient of the Méli-Art Award in 2010, in Magog, Céline Roger now produces her paintings and gives painting classes at her Painting Workshop located in Sherbrooke. In recent years, her paintings have been exhibited in art galleries in Canada and Europe.